"Tulips and Birch Trees" July 18 2013


Tulips and Birch Trees”

 Our interest in Japanese art has led us to an interest in Japanese culture and ultimately to the philosophy of Satoyama which connotes living in harmony with nature. It is a philosophy that acknowledges our utter dependence on nature and the necessity to strike a balance between what we take and what we give back to our planet. It is the acknowledgement that our planet is finite and that there are limitations to what we can take from it, that each of us must be mindful of our relationship with the environment and our impact on it

  Recently we visited a Japanese garden and were struck by the use of natural materials to create an atmosphere of calm and beauty fashioned through the sensitive placement of plants, trees and stones. The tranquil feeling was enhanced by the sound and the flow of water; the overall effect was to instill a sense of calm relaxation and well- being. Our photograph”Tulips and Birch Trees” was inspired by the gentle beauty of a Japanese garden. mindful of God’s creation and our  place in it.