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Four Women April 23 2018

A Walk along The Rose Kennedy Greenway May 12 2015

After what seems to have been an endless winter in Boston, my brother (the other Molinari in Molinari Design) and I, took our first walk of spring along the Rose Kennedy Greenway which has become our favorite city walk.   

We began our walk at the Carousel, the sound of children filled the air as they rode its imaginative creatures. We were on our way to lunch at our favorite bakery in Chinatown. Making our way along the pathways, we kept saying in disbelief, can you believe that this place was a glacier of snow and ice just two months ago.   A newly installed overhead sculpture fluttered gracefully in the breeze, absolutely beautiful.

Entering the tiny Chinese park at the end of the Greenway, we noted that the bamboo was coming back to life, the waterfall had not yet been turned on but who cares, its spring and we are entering our favorite season in Boston. 

Bouquet in Turquoise Vase March 17 2014


Many years ago a friend gave us a bouquet of flowers in a turquoise vase for no apparent reason.   I remember thinking how beautiful they were and what a nice gesture on her part. I thought how sorry I would be when they would inevitably die so I painted them and they remain captured in time,a lovely reminder of a simple gesture and a wonderful friend. 

Skating on the Frog Pond January 20 2014



Dating back to 1634, The Boston Common (also known as “the Common”) is the oldest city park in the United States. The 50 acre oasis, located in the heart of the city is part of the Emerald Necklace, the 1,100 acre chain of Parks and Parkways designed by Frederick Law Olmsted that begins at the Common and extends south to Franklin Park.

The Frog Pond, nestled in the heart of the Common, offers a place to enjoy and experience the historic park throughout the year. Walking through the Common one wintry afternoon, we came upon this enchanting scene, simply titled, “Skating on the Frog Pond”, set against an urban backdrop the image beautifully typifies life in this most livable city.

"Tulips and Birch Trees" July 18 2013

  Our interest in Japanese art has led us to an interest in Japanese culture and   ultimately to the philosophy of Satoyama which connotes living in harmony with nature. It is a philosophy that acknowledges our utter dependence on nature and the necessity to strike a balance between what we take and what we give back to our planet. It is the acknowledgement that our planet is finite and that there are limitations to what we can take from it, that each of us must be mindful of our relationship with the environment and our impact on it

  Recently we visited a Japanese garden and were struck by the use of natural materials to create an atmosphere of calm and beauty fashioned through the sensitive placement of plants, trees and stones. The tranquil feeling was enhanced by the sound and the flow of water; the overall effect was to instill a sense of calm relaxation and well- being. Our photograph”Tulips and Birch Trees” was inspired by the gentle beauty of a Japanese garden. mindful of God’s creation and our  place in it.

"Haymarket" June 26 2013


  Haymarket, located on Blackstone Street, one of Boston’s oldest thoroughfares, has been providing fruit and vegetables to Bostonians at rock bottom prices for nearly two centuries. Opened in 1830, Haymarket, together with its wooden stands, pushcarts and specialty grocers is a bargain hunters paradise where on market days, one can experience the ethnic and cultural diversity of Boston at this bustling and colorful city landmark.

We have been shopping at Haymarket forever creating our daily menu based on what was available that week.Our photo card titled “Haymaket” gives a sense of the enormous variety and vibrancy of this much loved Boston treasure.

"Kayaks" June 11 2013


Rockport is a quaint little town located about 25 miles north of Boston on beautiful Cape Ann. Often, we will make the forty minute drive to take an extended lunch at one of the Town’s fine seafood restaurants, then search out one of the many coves that dot Rockport’s coast and return to work with the help of a laptop, smartphone and our trusty digital camera. It is a wonderful way to combine work and pleasure made possible by the modern tools of our day. 

Like so many painters and photographers who have been inspired by the natural beauty of Rockport, we have taken some of our favorite photographs from vistas abundantly provided along its rocky coast. 

It was while strolling along the pier at Bearskin Neck, poking through the colorful shops flanking it that we spotted a small flotilla of kayaks bobbing in rhythm with the waves, their colorful hulls made more intense in the special light of the setting sun. Our photograph “Kayaks” is one of many we took that day, and yes we did hire two and had a great time, totally unexpected, a wonderful way to end the work day.

"Sand Dune and Beach Grass" June 03 2013

Sand Dune and Beach Grass

Sand Dune and Beach Grass

We at Molinari Design, located in Boston Massachusetts, have been creating art through photography, painting and writing for over twenty years.

What is it about a scene that makes you want to capture it, the need to photograph, paint or write about what you have just happened upon and share it with someone; we have asked ourselves this question many times over the years and still it remains unanswered.

Last summer my brother and I were having one of those days in which the walls seemed to be closing in on us from all sides; the phones never stopped ringing, problems were popping up here and there and things that we thought were done were coming undone. It was eleven in the morning, two hours into our work day and it felt as if we had been on the job for a week. It was when the computer decided to “act up” that we decided it was time to escape the madness and get out of Boston for the day; so we jumped in our car and within little more than two hours we were walking the beach at Chatham, our favorite destination on Cape Cod.

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