"Sand Dune and Beach Grass" June 03 2013


Sand Dune and Beach Grass

  We at Molinari Design, located in Boston Massachusetts, have been creating art through photography, painting and writing for over twenty years.

What is it about a scene that makes you want to capture it, the need to photograph, paint or write about what you have just happened upon and share it with someone; we have asked ourselves this question many times over the years and still it remains unanswered.

  Last summer my brother and I were having one of those days in which the walls seemed to be closing in on us from all sides; the phones never stopped ringing, problems were popping up here and there and things that we thought were done were coming undone. It was eleven in the morning, two hours into our work day and it felt as if we had been on the job for a week. It was when the computer decided to “act up” that we decided it was time to escape the madness and get out of Boston for the day; so we jumped in our car and within little more than two hours we were walking the beach at Chatham, our favorite destination on Cape Cod.

 It was while marveling at how wonderful it is to be able to escape to this beautiful place, so close to home, that a seagull decided to accompany us, it landed not more than ten feet ahead of us and began running across the sand just ahead, nervously glancing back at us, suddenly it lost its nerve and made the short flight to a sand dune just to our right drawing our attention to the scene pictured in our photograph that we simply entitled “Sand Dune and Beach Grass”.

 What was it about that bit of beach, that combination of sand dune, grass and worn wooden fence that caught our attention that presented itself in such a manner as to inspire us to creativity making us want to race for a camera and capture it, to remember it and call it back to mind, to share it with our friends. Perhaps it was the seagull squawking just out of frame or the simple sensation that all is right with the world, at least for that instant, which engendered the need to pass it on through our art.

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