"Kayaks" June 11 2013



  Rockport is a quaint little town located about 25 miles north of Boston on beautiful Cape Ann. Often, we will make the forty minute drive to take an extended lunch at one of the Town’s fine seafood restaurants, then search out one of the many coves that dot Rockport’s coast and return to work with the help of a laptop, smartphone and our trusty digital camera. It is a wonderful way to combine work and pleasure made possible by the modern tools of our day. 

  Like so many painters and photographers who have been inspired by the natural beauty of Rockport, we have taken some of our favorite photographs from vistas abundantly provided along its rocky coast. 

  It was while strolling along the pier at Bearskin Neck, poking through the colorful shops flanking it that we spotted a small flotilla of kayaks bobbing in rhythm with the waves, their colorful hulls made more intense in the special light of the setting sun. Our photograph “Kayaks” is one of many we took that day, and yes we did hire two and had a great time, totally unexpected, a wonderful way to end the work day.