A Walk along The Rose Kennedy Greenway May 12 2015



After what seems to have been an endless winter in Boston, my brother (the other Molinari in Molinari Design) and I, took our first walk of spring along the Rose Kennedy Greenway which has become our favorite city walk.   

We began our walk at the Carousel, the sound of children filled the air as they rode its imaginative creatures. We were on our way to lunch at our favorite bakery in Chinatown. Making our way along the pathways, we kept saying in disbelief, can you believe that this place was a glacier of snow and ice just two months ago.   A newly installed overhead sculpture fluttered gracefully in the breeze, absolutely beautiful.

Entering the tiny Chinese park at the end of the Greenway, we noted that the bamboo was coming back to life, the waterfall had not yet been turned on but who cares, its spring and we are entering our favorite season in Boston.