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Kuunsirppi ( Crescent Moon) Sterling Silver Pendant


Kuunsirppi (Crescent Moon) Sterling Silver Pendant. This rare pendant was designed by the celebrated Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala produced by Kultakeskus Oy. Designed and made in the early 1970s, the piece was titled Kuunsirppi (Crescent Moon). Composed of 9 concentric silver semi circles of varying width, loosely held by small silver ringlets.                                                                                            Details such as the hammering  and the primitive "cut-out" style of the silver have all been beautifully crafted in the age old tradition of the finest silversmiths.

 Striking in its modernity, Kuunsirppi, harkens back to primitive jewelry design which inspired Tapio Wirkkala. The original chain and remarkable condition make the piece all the more special.

Only 1 Pendant is available.

Year: 1976
Material: Sterling silver.
Stamps: Kultakeskus Oy, Finnish assay mark 925
Condition: Excellent (Mint)

Pendant length: L.11 cm / 4.33'' W 8.2 cm/ 3.22''
Chain length: 66 cm / 26 inches

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